Refund and License

At Dgtext,  customers and users are  highly  respected. We care about the issues if our customers face problems with  buying or using our products and services. If anyone faces any technical issues, any interruption, or any other issues related to faulty activation of our product, we usually refund according to our policies. Please, contact with us and our team will assist you in resolving your issues.

If you feel that, the products you have bought and don’t fulfil your requirements, you may have option for asking a refund. We accept a relevant refund request when it is done in the due time as 10 days meeting our policies.

Refund not acceptable 

  • You have changed your mind after you have downloaded our product.
  • You discovered that your product did not meet your expectations.
  • You are thinking other ways now after you have downloaded.
  • You have purchased product by mistake.
  • You are not capable of using the product.
  • Asking for refund because of any irrelevant reason.
  • You have removed the item by mistake after buying (we advise always to download products as soon as you buy to avoid this situation).

When you request for a refund , we tend to provide an ideal solution to the issues you are facing. Your request is transferred to our technical team to make sure , your request meets our policies for a refund. We can only entertain your request especially on extreme cases where we confess our inability to solve your problem and offer  a better alternative. 

Refund policy

Our refund policies only apply to our actions, products, services and in any of our involvements. We do not take responsibility for any products and services that are similar to us but does not belong to us. We do not accept any third-party request for any refund.

How  refund works ?

  • The refund may take 10-15  days if the request fulfil properly  all our conditions.
  • You will be refunded in the same currency that you were charged in. If this is not the case, your bank may charge an exchange fees that would result in deducting your actual price you paid while you made a purchase.
  • All liability goes to you if there is any issue in your exchange bank that is related to deduct your money or any loss.
  • Before we refund, we review and check your request information for validity and security reasons.
  • If we are satisfied with our request, then we proceed to the next step.
  • We then arrange for a refund procedure needed.
  • After we accomplish your refund we tend to make a proof of agreement to avoid future errors.


Dgtext is an open platform where seller can sell digital downloadable products . Dgtext authorities  are not responsible for any copyright issues. Report to Dgtext authority if there are any complaints about copyright . We will take action as soon as get.

Please keep in mind ,if you buy  any-of product from the Dgtext, you’re just buying  a license to use them, Not ownership of them. So, You shouldn’t share, resell, or distribute the products with any  third party.